Zone X is a futuristic city tour through the ruins of The Disaster of 2034. Guide Miko takes you on a walk through the hermetically sealed area where disaster struck, where time stood still and where the population still lives as they used to in the 2020s.

Walking through this vivid ruin of the early 21st century, Miko dissects our traces with passion and alienation. She mercilessly fillets our contemporary thinking and actions, holding us under the microscope as the bizarre creatures we will turn out to have been before our bequeathing.


concept, regie Kyoko Scholiers

tekst Tom Hannes en Kyoko Scholiers

muziek Bjorn Eriksson

spel Daisy Ip / Maya Mertens / Taka Shamoto

met de stemmen van Jo Badisco, Bjorn Eriksson, Marianne Isabella Golchert, Riko Hannes, Tom Hannes

kostuum Marie Dries

dramaturgie Tom Hannes

technisch ontwerp Jeroen Vandesande, Gertjan Biasino

grafisch ontwerp Mario Debaene

foto's Nick Hannes

productie Madelief Schram

zakelijk beheer Lies Martens

coproductie MoMeNT, KAAP, IN SITU/C-takt, NEXT Arts Festival

met steun van De Vlaamse overheid, Stad Antwerpen, Sabam For Culture, Corso, De Grote Post

met dank aan Maya Van Leemput, Walter Weyns, Universiteit Antwerpen, Stedelijk Lyceum Cadix, De Kunsthumaniora, OKAN

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