Two distant characters enter a public space. Their appearance reminds of the Matrix films and their interest is to explore the new territory. Gradually, they find a meaning for their existence in this place, hidden underneath the external layers.

Through a series of interactions with the audience and with each other, they address the question of what it is to be human.


creation and interpretation WONDERGROUND (Roser Tutusaus & Tom Weksler)

original music Miguel Marin Pavón

choreography assistant Marta Dalmau Graupera

production WONDERGROUND and Brechtje Randag

cultural management & international relations Katherina Vasiliadis

artistic collaborators Oryan Zaks, Spela Vodeb, Orit Nevo

video and edit Gabriele Mariotti

support ON-CENTER, Aula de teatre i dansa Mataró, Centre Cívic la Barceloneta. Me-ever. Circuit-Est

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