Oyun (Turkish for 'game') is a universe of cooking pots. Juggler Federico Menini builds a perfectly balanced structure with pots, spoons and ropes. He creates his own space by outlining the air and defying gravity.


script/direction/original idea Federico Menini

external direction Lucas Escobedo, Raquel Molano

performer Federico Menini

design and execution of the scenography Federico Menini

lighting design Manolo Ramírez

music design and recording José Monreal

technician Manolo Ramírez

costume design María Adriana Jorge

video José Abellán

photography Rosa Ros

magic techniques advisor Pepe Torres

juggling techniques advisor Lucas Escobedo, Celso Pereira

production Producirk

website CotaCero (web design), orsieg.es (web development)

gratefulness Andrea Pérez, Jon Sádaba, Carlos Such, Adrián Plaza, Guillem Fluixà, Carla Fontes, Antonio Mira-Perceval, Richard Cano, Miguel Serna

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