EXO is a kinetic sculpture, to which Camiel Corneille gives a physical response as a circus artist. EXO is based on the idea of the 'super human', or the malleability of man. With this performance, he wants to investigate how symbiosis can arise between man and object.

TODM22_Camiel Corneille_EXO
© Wieba Photography

During Theater op de Markt, Camiel invites you to take a look in his atelier, at an early stage of his research. Your presence will allow him to investigate how spectators relate to the work, and how he can actively involve them in it. Don't expect a finished performance, but an open invitation to take a look during the fragile process of an artist.


concept en uitvoering Camiel Corneille

bouw en realisatie Edwin Schulte, Camiel Corneille

film Jesse Immanuel Bom

productie Lysanne van Esch

partners Festival Circolo, Circuswerkplaats Dommelhof, CIRKLABO

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