Continuum invites you to experience the world around you as one vast continuous movement. You look at a space that, just like you, is constantly in motion. All your senses become confused, and the distinction between what you see, hear and feel disappears.

As an observer, you become part of a continuous movement: a movement that begins and ends far beyond yourself, or perhaps is infinite.


concept and direction Johannes Bellinkx

production SoAP Maastricht

co-production Feikes Huis Amsterdam, C-Takt Neerpelt/Genk

artistic co-creation, dramaturge Tamar Blom

artistic co-creation, composition Dennis van Tilburg

lightdesign Grisha Rungen, Neal Groot

creative producer Jakob Proyer

installation Soultech: Merijn Versnel, Guido Bevers and Merel Kamp (sacs)

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