Woven stories and living songs, a blanket for the mind.

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During Theater op de Markt, artist duo SAMESAMEBUTDIFFERENT will present their album Brumes at a matinee concert in the Fashion Museum.

*Day pass

For Brumes you can buy a day pass. With this day pass, you can go to the matinee concert Brumes (except Wednesdays), to the performance and open atelier Jamais-Toujours and to the Fashion Museum Hasselt during opening hours.


van en met Laure Chartier, Freija Wouters, Violette Vinel, Jellichje Reijnders, Benoit Travers, Elise Blanchard

met dank aan alle helpende handen voor het maken van onze rode draad en het Modemuseum Hasselt

coproductie DRAC Pays de la Loire, CVU ville d'Angers, C-TAKT

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